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Saturday and dare I say a Round Robin … lets not!

December 20, 2014

2014-09-14 16.23.40

This is the time of Round Robin; which incidentally I don’t subscribe to ; but wonder if I did, how mine would sound

… My year began with the death and funeral of my mother, followed by the heart rending return of my daughter to Brazil and her subsequent motor bike accident.  During this time, my brother and sister suffered similar disquiet within their families. Meanwhile, I lost my hair, not life threatening or even painful but nonetheless unpleasant.

For weeks and months I dragged myself along trying to be happy doing what needed to be done; alone and woebegone.  I went workshops, classes and meetings where I felt stupid, ugly and old; not only for my appearance but my inadequate attempts at being an artist. Even blogging seem like a waste of time ; social media became a monster. My family and friends seemed distant and uncaring.

Often, I would go to bed weeping and waking red eyed and incomplete; not wishing to go on.   


Or,  as my daughter and son-in-law recovered and we visited Brazil again. I gained confidence to reveal my head; until then I had covered my baldness with scarves and hats. I delight in my children and grandchildren, their achievements, enjoy regular and rich visits.

I began researching for my blog with new interest and vigour and readership went up 100%. I attended art classes, near and far,  coming away with works of art that could grace any wall!

I feel bold, empowered and ready to  face the new year.

Both true versions of the very same year …

Which do you prefer to hear?

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  1. December 20, 2014 2:17 pm

    All of it of course! It’s your life and your emotions all of which are bound to have positives and negatives xx

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