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Friday and the end of term

December 19, 2014

Today is the last Friday before our Christmas break it is quiet and I am making plans for next term; when I will have a volunteer working with me for a few hours a week. She is super special  and I am looking forward to working with her! We do have volunteers in the department at Special Collections but this one is more work experience. She is has graduated and while she looks for work within the library world she need experience. So Ms Anon will work beside me helping me with the tasks I do, attending meetings, workshops and even coffee break grabbing every opportunity to learn, see and do.

For me it is a chance for me to look at procedures, tasks I do, the objects I handle, the people I meet and work with and introduce them to her in a positive way.  I am a library assistant the work I do is not rocket science, often mundane and tedious, but it is a pleasant environment with fabulous subject matter and is for a good cause. However,  work no matter how ‘wonderful’ in the beginning, work can become dull and lifeless but looking at it with new eyes and with someone  beginning their career it can be refreshing!

So these items we will be working with next term … while photographing them the battery of my camera went flat so not a full picture … but a nice start.

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