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Saturday and the advent of Christmas

December 6, 2014

After my first Christmas party of the season I am a little hung over and not feeling so comfortable about the next couple of weeks.  We made a decision during the summer, that because of the lack of funds this Christmas would not happen. By this I mean in our household ; first we would not arrange for my daughter and her partner to come home from Brazil, then, therefore not entering into the game of swapping expensive presents or getting embroiled in the rounds of entertaining.  

The later half of the plan will not be difficult, we have enjoyed the extravagance of Christmas less and less over the years, so for us it has become more simple, more pleasant and easier on the pocket.

It is the lack of the visitation of the Brazilian kind that hurts much more … so today with my sore head and smile, I send thoughts and good wishes to Mums separated or not from children, who find reasons at Christmas not to enjoy the so called festivities.

2014-12-05 17.12.59

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