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Friday’s library snapshot …

December 5, 2014

This week I came across Mary Azarian an illustrator and print-maker who has produced many books yet I found only one about Wilson Bentley in the library not in Special Collections has I hoped but on the open shelves at the Main Library.  Then, I went on to think about what makes a book special. There are of course a myriad of good reasons and many more when considering a book to be kept in ‘special’ conditions; even without the economic and space issues.

For this one, I would make a case, not only is it illustrated by a notable woman wood engraver and therefore complimentary to our collections of works by wood engravers in our Printing and Publishing Collections, its subject matter is significant.  Wilson Bentley, (1865-1931) was the first man to photograph snowflakes. As a small boy he was fascinated by snow; its structure and beauty. When he was given a camera in the late 19th century he was able to develop his passion fully.  It is a lovely story while the images are beautiful the message to a young reader is special.

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