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Weekly Photo Challenge … Descend

November 4, 2014

It has been a while since I used an image from my recent visit to Rio de Janeiro; but needs must.  I live in the south of England where we do not enjoy any lofty heights. I live pretty much at sea level and would have to miles north to find a hill, let alone a mountain to descend. 

So we go to my daughter’s home where she literary lives precariously on the side of a hill.  Her home is very comfortable with all mod cons but some of her neighbours are not so lucky and use this spout for their daily ablutions.   As the icy water runs continually it is used to wash bodies, clothes, cars and bikes.  It is an image that I wanted to capture many times but always no matter how attractive with the human element, it  deserves privacy!

So this somewhat empty space is evocative as the water continually descends from the forested rocks above.

2014-08-14 14.39.36

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