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November 3, 2014

2014-11-02 13.38.06

A wonderful shopping experience!!

The weather on Saturday look miserable at dawn but went on to be a bright and warm day. So we enjoyed as we planned a river boat trip from little Venice in London at the beginning of the Regent  Canal to Camden Lock.  It proved to be a wonderful journey along the edge of the Regents Park ; the Prince would built the canal across the park but the local residents didn’t want their space sullied by the those ‘bargees’ especially those from Birmingham and Wales!

We passed on our right the London Zoo where a massive wild (?) boar was searching in the bushes for what ever wild boar search for. Then on our left was a aviary built in the the tree tops by Lord Snowdonin the 1960s. Where elegant birds swooped and called in the trees beautiful the autumn sun.  

Near by was the old electric pumping station to where some of the barges brought coal from Wales and the north of England and returned with the ashes that were made into bricks.

It was a only about three miles long but it was a wonderful insight to life in England before railways and metal roads between 1850 and 1950. It was quiet on Saturday but in its day the canal would have been heaving with boats coming with goods; like steel, coal, pottery, bricks, grain  and going back with imported goods from Tilbury Docks like tea,sugar, wood pulp etc.  

Our boat had a engine but barges didn’t in those times and were pulled by horses it was poor life for all who lived, worked and built on the canal using man, woman and child power!

I was going to British Boot Company in Camden to buy some boots, the company established in the late 19th century would have been supplied by the shoe makers in the Midlands and indeed my boots were made by hand in the same factory.  They  would have been bought to London on a boat  like the wooden and iron one we ventured on too. It was my intention to buy Doc Martens but sadly the style I wanted are not made in the UK ; the Chinese ones for a third of the price are not so well made and the quality poor! The alternative although over my budget is well made and a beautiful shoe! 

This is beginning to sound like a a advert for British Shoes or a diatribe against Chinese imports … maybe ;  more a celebration of a good shopping experience that doesn’t happen too much these days.





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