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Weekly photo challenge … signs

October 7, 2014

We have recently welcomed the freshers to the university; it is always a busy time and organised to the finest detail. However, we have spent the summer refurbishing the library and in a bid to declutter our new look we have removed certain signposts. Nonetheless ; it remains very important to ensure the new students do not get lost and most of all able to find the books and facilities they need.

Even so bearing in mind most of the freshers will not have been in an academic library before they do need a lot of hand holding in the beginning … so not matter how many signs we have there is always a need for a human signpost.  

So in the absence of a suitable selfie;  rest assured I am a perfect signpost! I do not know much about quantum physics, mathematics or much else; but I do know where the toilets are and can find my way around the Dewey decimal system.

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