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Monday and the weeks ahead …

October 6, 2014

For the coming weeks I have a series of weekend workshops. On Saturday, there is a two day course of wood engraving.  It is a follow up to a session I attended earlier in the year. Wood engraving is difficult and  I haven’t practiced as much as I hoped and anxious that I will look a fool among those who are skilled and well practiced. .

A lot has happen in my life in the last few months and I am not sure how this will affect my ‘performance’  

My daughter’s accident, my lose of hair has been bitter, bitter … sweet the repeated ‘bitter’ is intentional. I would not recommended such a trauma, no matter how sweet the recovery and after effects!

Nonetheless, it all has made me feel that if I can cope with all this and smile at my bald shiny head each morning. Then to become obsessed about a weekend of wood engraving then it is foolish.

So while I may not become a fine wood engraver,  I will have fun.  So in preparation ; yesterday I enjoying sketching and drawing some teapots.  Note also this exercise did include polishing the things before I started.  So while, I spent longer than  intended buying the polish and having the obligatory coffee these works are unfinished and need to be hone down to a drawing of 2×2 inches …  so to the drawing board again!


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