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Weekly Photo Challenge …. The Container or is it?

July 22, 2014

2014-07-20 16.27.55

I am a fool for stuff ; but I have learned the hard way to be discerning as what I ‘collect’. First each item must be useful; there many be varying degrees of this rather ambiguous term.  If it is not so useful it should be contained or carefully disguised as something else.  Or edible, therefore will not take up valuable space for too long.  There are of course many variables of the the above criteria. I have been around much longer than the ‘space saving’ police so I have learned some cunning tactics.

So, yet another attractive jug is a container for pens, more tobacco tins always useful for pins. How many pins or tins does a lady need? Buttons too, need containing.  You just never know, until this odd little thing came a long.  Left among my mother’s belongings it needed a home.  I and not even sure what it is.  Such a shame not to put it to use.  So when I am left with some pretty but prickly teasels this seemed a likely container!! Also in my defense, it would not do to leave the little blighters in my garden to spill their ferocious seeds!! While they are so stately on the roadside in my little garden they are demons.

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