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Saturday Memory from Brazil …. and a wish

July 7, 2014

Today I begin to count down the days before I return to Brazil for my annual visit and remind myself of the joys of previous holidays …. 19 days!

Coat Hanger Doll's House

During the final week of our stay in Rio, we visited the National Museum of Folklore and Popular Culture.  Of course I was at a loss without the language but I was able to look and imagine for a while and  consider research more fully later.  

Meanwhile I will share this visual delight; dating back to the end of the 19th century the museum presents 1400 objects organised in five themes;-  life, crafts, religion, feasts and arts.  The exhibition tells the history of the Brazilian Man in a warm, colourful and dynamic way;it is  pure entertainment!

No one could not fail to be excited by the costumes of the carnival and the puppets; but I was drawn by something else; a little more discreet but for me no less exciting.

A display of works by the engraver and cordelista José Francisco Borges  (1935-) better known as J. Borges.  As…

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