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Prompt? Really?

July 7, 2014

I share these sentiments as i wait for the Photo Challenge Prompt. I am seldom lost for words and blog most days without a prompt. But today the words fail me so I reblog this and add another heart felt wish … for those women who have ‘lost’ children and can grieve until they find their bodies. Or those women who carry the child of the rapist … May their heart wishes or prayers be honoured now xxx

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Prompt? Really?

I wake at six and for two hours, I check and check and check.
Now 8:03 and still no prompt. I wonder, what the heck?
Can they not post the prompt so I can get on with my day?
These lazy daily prompters must be laid out in the hay
when they should be here prompting for we still have things to do!
We can’t just sit here all day long to wait and wait for you.
Just slap some words down on your site and we’ll begin to write.
For we’ve been waiting morning hours and others through the night.
In the hours we’ve waited, we have stretched and paced and stomped
and realized the truth: Your prompt is anything but prompt!!!

Finally, at 11:13, today’s prompt was posted, but I had written my blog entry between the hours of six and eight and then watched for…

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