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Saturday … have a good weekend!

June 14, 2014

2014-06-14 09.11.28

My cup runs over this morning; neither half full or half empty.  I have no complaints, not sure why, best not analysis.  In fact I am stuck for words.  Why is that? I can blab for reams about my hard done by -ness; yet I cannot express joy or gratitude even in a word.  

Yes! good weather, a tiny bonus, recognition for a mammoth task, or even a successful day    goes a long way to lift the spirits. But, I know from experience, (you don’t get to my age without learning a few lessons in the School of Knocks)  there is always a rug to be pulled from beneath my feet.  The Christmas dilemma was a case in point!

But this pales into sweet insignificance this morning;  all is fine and I make noises of gratitude to those who have contributed to the sense of comfort and send love.

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