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Friday … not a snapshot!

June 13, 2014

This week has been pleasantly different. First the weather has been kind and summer-like. Then, the students will finish their exams today so there is a sense of calm around the place.  Also and more important I have a day off.  All this had an impact on my blog post today or the lack of it.  So I fell a little at a lose. Wednesday (my holiday) was memorable and deserves more than a snapshot; so I will tell you about it later and will share with you the fruit of my labour.  I spent the day with a wood engraver and it was very exciting (a strange way to describe a learning experience of such intensity). Nonetheless one highlight or two I will share today. Sadly, I have no visual evidence of either.  My camera didn’t come out all all (which I regret slightly); but it does demonstrate the business of the day (in between the tea breaks!)

On the wall of the studio was an original Monica Poole linocut and the press we used ; or rather I gazed at longingly was owned by the lady herself!

So while I apologise for the lack of a snapshot I did have a good week in and out of the library!! Thanks to Chris Daunt and Monica Poole ….

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