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Weekly Photo Challenge … Spring

May 6, 2014



My back yard is tiny, north facing and surrounded on all sides by houses and rogue sycamore trees.  For the 25 years I have wrestled with shade; In truth I gave up fighting years ago but she has never been a comfortable garden fellow. I cannot sneak in with a sun loving plant she will ‘shadow’ it to death!

Fortunately I learned early in our relationship the plants she loves; as a result my garden is a constant delight.

So while the back of my house is in shade so the front is always in the sun. Sadly, I don’t have a front garden just a space where the dustbin was kept before we had wheelie bins (now parked on the pavement) So I have a galvanised water tank as a planter and able to fill it with sun loving beauties.  These Irises only grow when their roots are exposed to the sun’s roasting rays.  

This spring they have bloomed in the face of shade as she hangs out in the back yard!

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  1. May 8, 2014 12:00 pm

    Sorry to hear that your backyard is shrouded in shade most of the time. Doesn’t make it ideal for planting at all! But very, very nice too see you’ve found something that works and those purple flowers are a delight to look at. They look so fresh and cheerful. I’ve never seen purple flowers these bright here in Melbourne, Australia, where I live. We tend to have very pretty yellow flowers 🙂


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