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A is for …

May 5, 2014

2014-05-04 15.50.39

Today or rather yesterday I began another journey;  that of a wood engraver.  I would like to be a printer/illustrator.  I have a long way to go; with limited time and resources.  I enjoyed drawing and painting as a child and even got a GCE ‘O’ level in art.  Sadly, for the next 40 or so years I didn’t pick up a pencil or pot of paint, although I harboured the dream! So now I am able to perhaps fulfil that schoolgirl ideal.  

 I enjoy lino cutting and I will of course continue down that road; this is a little side turn.  There is no rush I have waited 40+ years; a playful sojourn can do no harm. I say playful laughingly this is serious stuff! It is costly time, consuming and hard! This little gem has taken weeks of preparation; including a weekend workshop, various ‘how to do it’ books’ and Youtube videos.  Then, there is the wood, tools and the sharpening of engravers.  Probably subliminal delaying tactics for making the first mark in the precious wood.

So then I plucked up courage … this attempt is badly flawed; but it makes me smile. It was a joyous afternoon; the sun shone on my bench, a tea pot near by and music.  Radio 6 is my lifeline I will no go on a journey without it!

So A is for adventure


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