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Weekly photo challenge … Perspective

March 11, 2014

I have always had a camera; preferring not to be on the other side of the lens. I like taking photographs that tell a story; caring little about the technicality of the machine and the artistry of the result. I move the camera to the shape, colour and the story. Often spending a whole roll of film on a very small event. (in the days of film that is)

It was not until I had an all singing and dancing SLR two or three years ago when I succumbed to some lessons. I learned about focus, depth of field, perspective, exposure, shutter speeds apertures and loads more. All this was bad enough, but at the end of the session our attempts were scrutinised with a fine tooth comb it was more painful than having teeth pulled. I vowed then and there that never again would I allow my little slivers of life immortalized on the screen to be looked at so meanly.  This morning; I took these photographs to record the onset of spring.  Had I taken it last week there would have been quite a different picture; first of all the buds were not yet opened but the fence between had not yet blown down in the gales we had at the weekend. The fence would with its architectural devices to give depth and sense of perspective is gone.  Instead there is light and in my opinion a less contrived and rigid perspective.

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