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The night worker

March 10, 2014

We hear much about Rio de Janiero; the violence, the culture, the World Cup, the Olympics, the recent strikes, the Carnival … I hear other sometimes conflicting views that don’t always feel very comfortable for a Mum so far away … So I make up my own stories to help the pain.

Coat Hanger Doll's House

Today is Monday.  The day begins early as usual; with nothing much planned as Amy and Dudu have things to do – first thing.  So, after breakfast at home, we meet Amy for coffee a bus ride away in Botafogo.  Then  we wander back through the streets of Rio; seeing sights that most tourists can only dream of -the architecture, gardens and parks, the coffee shops, street vendors and small industries along the busy streets.

And back up the hill for lunch.

Yesterday, we had been to Ipanema, it was beautiful -everything a tourist would expect, palm trees, golden sands, blue sky, crashing waves and Ipanema – girls and boys – honed and bronzed to perfection.

Around the corner we found a market selling crafts by local artists; beautiful and well made but expensive trinkets bearing no resemblance to the real Brazilian culture that I had seen so far.  Paintings…

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