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Weekly Photo Challenge …. Layers

November 19, 2013

Forbury Square,  Reading is as Urban Grit says a little out of the way from the beaten track. Away from  the shopping malls, cinema and other eateries.  Here is a select group of restaurants, hotels and office blocks; layers of the old  and modern architecture.  If you read my blog regularly you will realise it is a favourite haunt of mine. Mainly because it has all of the above; but with an added delight; a good coffee shop. However,  there is one other attraction that is particularly lovely on a rainy day; the limestone walk way is just so nice.   I understand it is Upper Purbeck Glauconitic Lacustrine limestone and the twirls seen are fossils.  

So this layer mined just down on the south coast in Devon  a layer from the Jurassic times forms a perfect path for us in Berkshire in the 21st century!


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