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Monday and a new start

November 18, 2013

2013-11-17 11.31.32

Don’t ask! I would like to say it is a secret but I don’t know either. But it does mark the beginning; not the beginning of the end; that that has happened.  This is the beginning of the beginning. This is an open space.  Believe me, and the emperor and his new cloths, this is a an open space! I am hoping it will not always be empty.  I have a cunning plan to fill it.  

The time has come to stopping blaming and pointing the finger at reasons why I should not succeed in filling this space!!

For too long I have blamed, grizzled, wallowed in my empty nest, self-pity, grief and been fearful of the future alone.  Believing that my only attribute was being a mother!!  Over the last few years I have proved that I am able to do other things and reasonably well!

So now as I raise a glass of champagne to my youngest child who is now in a position to choose her future and I will chose mine … and I will fill this space with something; you watch.  

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