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Friday’s Library Snapshot …

November 15, 2013

This week I have learned about monograms; perhaps more about one or two in particular.

A monogram is a motif of overlapping or the combining of two or more letters to from a unique and recognisable symbols.

Monograms have been used as signatures by artists and craftsmen even those in the book making trade.  

This ‘little piece of art’ to the eye of an cataloguer is easily recognised; if not, she has ways and means to find out the  identity of a book binder or designer.

This week we came across a tiny little ‘shape’ with a distinct ‘T’ ; we made some wild guesses but nothing proven.  Then we found another little book that would answer this question and many more!

We were were able to confirm Japhet in search of a father by Captain Marryat illustrated by Henry Brock still with its original blue cloth boards, gilt decorations to spine and front cover, gilt edgings and patterned endpapers and the monogram AAT  was published by Albert Angus Turbayne.

Furthermore Suppressed plates by G.S. Layard, this with publisher’s original decorated green cloth, its gilt decoration on front board and spine, had a different monogram  although with the same  AAT.  Albert Angus Turbayne was this time the cover designer.



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