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Due to a prior engagement …

October 26, 2013

For the last two years or so I have posted to my blog daily.  Don’t ask why or how this happens; it just does.  Although I have a set weekly programme, the items are not conceived until the day before.  Often I am pulling information gathered in a notebook and dragging images from Dropbox on the morning of the post.  

Some days are less problematic: Sunday is silent but I still set myself the task to find an image on Sunday morning. While I am not surrounded by children or dogs to do convenient tricks, I am often seen (not by any self respecting person who would be in bed on a Sunday morning!) in my pajamas photographing yet another rain drop or a heron in an undignified pose!  (me and the heron severally of course) 

So with some (or a lot) divine intervention (there really is no other explanation) I get it done.

Until this week, I had a dilemma; a last minute invitation. My blog relies on not having last minute invites; but this one I could not refuse.  

It was the celebration at the Open Hand Open Space exhibition that marked the beginning of the Whitley Arts Festival. There was to be food and drink and the ‘Handstellation’ was to begin its journey like the Olympic Torch into the Reading town centre and the festival that was taking place at various venues through the evening until 2am Saturday morning.

While I had not planned to see the whole event; I was keen to meet new friends and acquaintances; you might say networking, either way it seemed a pleasant way to spend an evening.  Usually spent ironing and watching Garden’s World; I am pretty sure the world will not stop if I miss ‘ Have I got news for you.’

So I spent the last three days considering ways in which I could get the chores done,go to the party and do the post.  

It didn’t seem possible, so I resigned myself to the ‘position closed, normal service to resume on Sunday.  Like the ‘test card’ we saw so frequently in the early days of the BBC!

It is no good pretending I had not been in this situation; I do have friends and a real life beyond my blog,  before but somehow the show did go on.

However, Cinderella did make it to the ball and a good time was had by all.  

While I didn’t stay long enough to see the Handstellation lit up (these things do take longer than intended) or begin its journey I did have a good time and … like I said normal service will resume later.

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