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Its Saturday; but last week …

October 5, 2013

 It has been Fresher’s Week at the University; while it has been quiet without the students all summer; the library comes alive again. Since the end of term the library has buzzed with contractors giving us the WOW factor. The result is very lovely; I don’t know whether the students agree or not.  For me it has been business as usual and not sure whether a library needs a WOW factor.  I prefer a gentle ‘Tis OK’ but then I am a grumpy old lady!

So, in a bid to remove myself from the flurry of library tours, welcome desks and the general milieu of fresh faces; I took myself of to do some painting.  I say paint it was more a reconnaissance mission.  I have of late been inclined to take my camera to record the change of scenery or rather capture scene that will of course change at some point. Since I have taken up recording daily life (or some of it within reason) by hand; I thought I might try and paint life!

So I gathered up my tools and packed them in my handbag; remembering my ‘handbag’ resembles no such thing.

I managed to take a box of paints, pencils, paper, water and my lunch; all I needed now was a quiet spot.  I was not wishing to draw attention to myself at this stage.  I wasn’t yet at the point of no return; still in a secret state.  I could still give up the idea and spend my break gazing at the Hello magazine and no one any the wiser.

With my trusty bag and the ploy ‘Off the the bank!’ nod nod wink wink to myself!

Well! I hadn’t reckoned on a cloud burst; students running, hither and thither to find shelter.  

I was now at a place of no return and hurried to find a place to at least to eat my lunch; and fulfil a little dream.

Well I did ; and it was OK! It wasn’t so bad that I had to share the only dry space out of the rain with a group of smokers who too perhaps had a guilty secret or simply excluded for indulging in a nasty smelly and anti-social  habit! At least my habit won’t kill me.

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