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Friday’s Library Snapshot …

October 4, 2013

I am a fool  for children’s reference books; and have a small collection that has fed my butterfly brain over the years. I have books and pamphlets that cover subjects from weather and clouds to the life and times of Colonel Custer! So when I found this little book  while cataloguing a collection here at the library, I immediately bought myself a copy.  It is of course very out of date.  Nonetheless,  for me it tells the story of books from their earliest beginnings nearly 6000 years ago, including clay tablets, papyrus scrolls, codices, parchment and vellum manuscripts, the coming of paper to Europe, the invention and development of printing.

It surveys the book world in Britain today, (1960) authorship, publishing, book, design, printing, binding and bookshops. .

There is a chapter on development of libraries and a practical guide to enable readers to enjoy books more fully and use them skillfully whether for fun, general knowledge or as a tool in education or in the workplace.  I did say it is out of date!.  

The authors are well versed in the subject matter Esther S Harley was at the time a librarian and bibliographer, with experience in libraries of various types  and a special interest in the art and techniques of book production.  John Hampden has written, designed, produced and published many books relating to the book world.

While this book is no longer valid as a representation of todays book world and not on the shelves at the public library. It is a lovely little history book and a sound reference book.

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