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Weekly Photo Challenge … Foreshadow

August 6, 2013

Foreshadow means we can take any image and put on ‘a spin’ and ‘enter’. Perfect! I can do that. But what about all the other implications we gather and put in the way? Mood, emptiness and fullness of the cup, and for my part all of the above and plain old age.

Like a diamond ring snuggling in a velvet box as suggested.  What joy! It does of course mark a  wonderful day in boy or girl’s life.  I will never forget my (first) engagement ring and the happiness; never giving a second thought to the marriage and its lasting or indeed the diamond miner who risked life and limb for a few pounds to dig the stone out of the bowels of the earth.  etc. etc.

For the past few weeks I have been walking at dawn each Sunday morning, since the a recent prompt to research the ‘golden hour.’ Now, there’s a perfect ‘foreshadow’ the rising of the sun and the upcoming moon.  What delights and despairs will the day or night bring?

During these weeks I have recorded some foreshadows that will tilt the balance of this old cynic.  Fortunately, for me the cup is usually half full, so for the most part I see positive opportunities in situations.  I would not of course turn down flat a diamond ring without due consideration.  

There is my entry for this weeks challenge; as usual still remains a challenge for all the above reasons and the mood on the day.  

I like to garden, and do not like weeds; unless they are pretty.  So I try and keep them at bay.  Some of my neighbours have gone to great lengths to keep out  the weeds and even not- weeds; so their wheelie bin or car has a weed free haven to park in.  I laugh out loud when I see the weeds fight back!

So my walks and subsequent images reveal some rather unattractive foreshadows.  

But I finish on a high, even my cynical nature was knocked speechless.  My usual walk on the campus is a wonderful ‘managed place of beauty.  Sadly, some student residences have built nearby.  Fortunately the site has been blended in almost perfectly.  Not so much architecturally; even an old cynic like me must understand there is little one can do to bricks, mortar and the darling residents (who pay my wages) to make them blend with nature.    

However a hedge has been planted along the edge of the development where it meets the lake.  Although it is very young; in time it will be a beautiful home for wildlife; there is little one can find wrong with a very long handsome hedge planted with native plants.


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