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Monday and time for tea already …

August 5, 2013

As I return from my walk, gasping for a cup of tea; I wonder about its significance.Either now as a little or large ceremony I enjoy with rather nice tea and [or not] good company.  Or then many years ago when tea was a staple and not just significant but fundamental; a basic necessity!

There is nothing like a cup of tea; I was going to call my blog A cup of tea. It has been a common feature in my life even I suppose while in the womb.  

I remember quite clearly living on a houseboat with a modicum of home comforts. There would always be a stove, (with its unsaid necessary accoutrements … a blog post in its self), kettle, a small supply of water, matches, packet of tea, condensed milk, bag of sugar, array of cups in varying designs and condition and a spoon. Making of tea was the first task I learned at 2 or 3 years old, maybe not yet filling the kettle or lighting the stove; but pretty much getting the hang of it.  This is seems the story of my life!  

Once weaned me and my siblings would drink tea; warm and very sweet (or not depending on the the sugar supplies) for breakfast, dinner and tea.  In between, was not an option; as snacking in those days was not done or even considered; mainly because of resources.  

But tea was just tea; warming, cooling,comforting and sometimes the only nutrition a child might get if other stocks were getting low.  Without a fridge, and still in the lock of wartime rationing the store cupboard was never full; rather more often empty.  We lived a long way from local shops; anyway living beyond one’s means was not an option.   

So often we would have empty tummies ‘til payday.  

So when the tea packet was empty and the condensed milk can had been washed out for the third time and even our neighbours didn’t have a cup or sugar to spare we knew times were hard.  (Borrowing from one’s neighbours was not believe to be ‘living beyond’ one’s means)

So once I had mastered making a cup of tea; I was ready to get the hang of shopping and always at the top was list 1/4 lb of PG Tips; never enough money to buy two to eke out the week and save a repeat drastic situation the next Saturday morning or sometimes sooner.  

Sometimes I would attempt to make a cup of tea and while we had all of the above; the water can was empty this was not a so easily remedied by an eight year old and a 5 gallon can.  Another time all the ingredients and water were good; but  a spoon was missing; funny that teaspoons in our home had a habit of disappearing! There was a full set (Apostle spoons) bought from Woolworths when expecting visitors at Christmas time; perhaps? A celebration of course!! more than one teaspoon at any one time is a reason for a party! Shame we never have the saucers to give us a real ‘posh’ experience.  

However I deviate.

The spoons would gradually disappear until we had one; that would be used for a weaning child; so a very valued commodity as we always seemed to have one in our home.  

So tea is a big thing in my life …

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