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July 15, 2013

A little after 5 am yesterday morning I rolled of bed wearing; as described previously, PJs that can be compared favourably with day clothes.  Sadly, a time saving strategy would be shoes that could be worn in bed for a quick getaway. This perhaps is not such a pretty option.  So I found quick pull on pumps, drink, camera, front door key … sorted!

Not long into the stroll I had my first disappointment. I am always up very early, reading, yoga or doing my blog. Each morning I hear pigeons, magpies and crows.  The pigeons and magpies I know roost in the sycamores behind our house.  The crows I imagined made their ‘noise’ in some distant pine grove.  I say distant because it sounds vaguely romantic and almost believable.  Really, I have no idea until this morning when I saw the noisy blighter cawing from a TV aerial just out of view of my bedroom window; this spoiled my dream a bit.

Nonetheless the walk unfolded nicely as the sun came up; bright and warming the cool air.  There was no breeze and the woodland perfume didn’t fail to delight.

Strangely this week, the summer flowers that had bloomed in swathes now were almost faded . and the seeds were beginning to ripen after a few days of hot sun.  The grass seed heads were glinting gold in the rising sun.  

I was sad that we had missed so much of the spring nd early summer to such inclement weather.  Maybe that was number two disappointment.  However, the herbaceous border in the Harris garden quickly raised my spirits; the swags and bags of dramatic glory didn’t show any signs of fading.  Even the sweet peas by the potting shed paled in comparison But, their perfume was perfection.

This was a pleasant interlude as I head off towards the lake and home.  On the bank the Canada geese are beginning to move; some nibbling at the tender dew moistened grass shoots before dropping into the glassy pool and glide off.  Not before grumbling at me in case I came too near their very precious brood.  (which incidentally is a record 31 this year)

They need not have worried, after negotiating a few puddles of ‘droppings’ I had grown tired of nature and was heading back for a cup of tea.

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