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April 8, 2013

These pictures were taken in Saude in Rio de Janeiro, the area  has fallen into disrepair since the nearby dockside has changed its functionally. For instance, the once busy car import area has moved to a place further away that offers more space. Also the central bus station, that brought people, business and life,  has moved out of town.  So, a once thriving community has died.  Nearby is a the favela, Morro da Conceição that has manifested since the city has grown over the last many decades and the city has failed to make affordable homes for these valuable key workers.  They would have certainly been affected by this decline in public investment in the local amenities.  However,  they will be drastically affected by the states next plan for the area.  The area is a prime site for regeneration, the like of which we have seen in London, Liverpool and Bristol etc. apartments, shopping malls and recreation facilities not for the low paid but for the new up and coming rich.  A place for them to parade, celebrate and flaunt their riches made at the expense of those who live a stones throw away in lowly conditions with no hope of improvement.  While the favela dwellers will not be forcibly removed, as this will incur a cost to the government, they will not be able to afford the hospitality and goods offered, since all the cheaper and local amenities have been ousted.

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  1. Adilson Gomes permalink
    April 8, 2013 10:16 am

    Good times….near of us still mum!!!!

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