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The Very Inspiring Blog Award

April 7, 2013


I have been nominated by  Its JennytheWren Blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I am very touched by this recognition!

and required to say 7 things about myself and nominate 15 other Bloggers


I am  blogger and a mum who posts daily from a personal place separated from a daughter in Brazil.

…  blogger and library assistant in a perfect position to share  knowledge about books, illustrators etc. in our Special Collections

… blogger and writer wishing to improve skills and take some risks but not yet found the courage

… blogger and artist yearning to make prints and illustrate a book combined with the above literary  acumen

… blogger and woman who cares deeply about women in the workplace (which in my opinion includes the home) who maintain a passion for the wellbeing of others before themselves.

… blogger and photographer while not wanting to become a slave to photoshop I wish to become more professional

… blogger and tea drinker; I love to explore new teas and blends and remain devout in my journey to its glorification.  

… blogger and scholar of dead languages … trying to keep them alive.

I am in awe of these and others who have inspired and encouraged me over the last year or so.

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