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Weekly Photo Challenge … a day in the life of …

April 2, 2013

‘A day in the life of … ‘ put me in an unfair advantage as at this moment I am a holidaymaker. I could put together a bunch of photographs taken over the last two weeks and say this was so.  Indeed that would not be untrue,  this holiday has been a riot of new experiences and joys that could not be rivaled and easily considered in the prompt.

Nonetheless this is called a day in the life of a Carioca on a trip to  the Ilha Paqueta . An island of one square kilometer in the north of Guanabara Bay, an easy and pleasant day-trip that is very popular with Cariocas at weekends.  It was first occupied by the Portuguese in 1565 and later became a favourite resort of Dom Joao VI, who had the Sao Roque chapel built in 1810. There are 2000 inhabitants; they are all employed and dedicated to and by the tourist trade.  There are no cars except an ambulance and dust carts brought regularly from the mainland on large vessels to remove the debri from the beaches. The elegant and colonial buildings,  although many in need of renovation, retain a certain shabby chic charm.  The trip by the ferry  is an attraction itself for well over an hour the ‘sailor’ is given a unique view of the bay, the city and the magnificent Niteroi bridge.

We left Rio just as the market at under the motorway was being set up at 7am. The trip was most pleasant even as the tourists became more wakeful and animated as the time went on. We had a picnic breakfast even though there were plenty of vendors selling tasty morsels.  When we arrived we hired bicycles for a circular tour of the island.  The silence without cars was almost deafening.  Nonetheless one soon realised that whilst one could walk the roads more easily, we must be watchful of the bikes ponies and their traps.  It really was a beautiful day much like those I had as child; simple and uncomplicated ….


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  1. April 4, 2013 3:56 pm

    Holiday or not, it looks like a good day.

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