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Last week I went too …

April 1, 2013

Last Sunday we enjoyed lunch with family; then in the late afternoon we went with my daughter to Praca Sao Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and joined a demonstration and rally to celebrate the International Day of Truth.  I expect this ‘day’ went unnoticed in most international cities and the world press, nonetheless this rally was well attended by the press and TV cameras and crew. It should be noted here while my daughter is involved with aspects of the human rights movement in Brazil, I am  mere bystander in this place and not in a position to hold political views … Also I did not understand a thing they were saying. However, this was not a pageant for the tourists. I understand it was an opportunity for the various organisations (my daughter’s included) to came together to and share knowledge celebrate successes and raise issues that had not yet been addressed.  

The rally was held in a small square surrounded by bars and cafes and filled  to capacity. It began with a performance by a theatre on stilts. It was a moving and dramatic piece, but i missed its significance to the realm of Truth without background knowledge. Even in mime, something is lost without the language and a ‘true’ understanding of the culture  However no one could failure to be impressed by the skill and balletic performance.

Then followed the speeches of well known people in the Human Rights Movement; again without the appropriate language skills the content was lost.  But the passion and opportunity to share their concerns and achievements with the swelling crowd was taken and rapturously received.

One lady I noticed speaking holding a street sign. From my understanding since, she was from a small organisation who in a bid to raise awareness for those forgotten or lost were making street signs.  They began with the names of notable women who had made a place in society and the human rights movement and replacing or attaching it to an original street sign. I assume,  and stand to be corrected on this and any of the above as mere observations, that this is illegal.  If this is so,  then depending on the diligence of the local authority will be removed.

The organisation has a plan to continue this ‘infiltration’ of names that might have been previously forgotten in the new modernity.  Names not only of women who have played an enormous part in the downfall of the dictatorship but also children and young people who have disappeared.

The closing ceremony was in memory of those lost in the dictatorship. This time I was left in no doubt while there was grief and despair for the past, and the present political situation is still not stable, there is hope.


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