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Saturday has come already!

March 23, 2013

So a week of our stay in Rio has gone by.  It has shaped quite differently from our holiday last year; which is perfectly fine.

The weather has been seasonably cooler than last year and wet; at times the rain has been torrential. This has caused untold devastation in Petropolis not far Rio. For me the only inconvenience has been the technically problems caused such as a lengthy power cut, unstable WiFi and internet connection. This I am reliably informed is normal and part of the life living on the ‘hill’

Also, last year my son-in-law newly graduated was not yet employed so was able to spend much time with  us.  My daughter on the other hand was having to work to ensure a regular income until he found employment. Which incidentally, he did during our stay.  

So this year they are both working.  Although my daughter has taken some annual leave, she is working part time and returned to further her education so her time has become precious.  So my husband and I are left to our our devices for at least for part of the day.  Ths has proved to be a pleasant interlude.  We have enjoyed walks to and from the beach, providing we keep the familiar route.  

The community on the hill is big, and a warren of tiny streets and paths and not so dangerous as other favelas.  But life is precarious and not for a tourist, no matter how careful she  is not to  abuse or disrespect.  I wonder if I would enjoy or understand why a person would wander my streets back in UK gawping into my back yard or making patronising remarks about my ‘oh so lovely environment’.   Or, indeed turning up their nose at the less attractive things they see!

However I did wander out for a while with my camera and tried not to look too much like a nosy parker!


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