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Friday’s Snapshot … from who knows where?

March 22, 2013

As I am not ‘in the library’ for a while my Friday Library Snapshot will be suspended until I return.  Instead today  I bring you an image or two from the Instituto Moreiro Salles; which is one of Rio’s most beautiful private cultural centres.  Located in the former home of the Salles family the owners of one of Brazil’s most important banks; Unibanco and a major collector Brazilian art.

Since the centre opened in 1999 it has hosted significant exhibitions of the 19th and 20th century painting, sculpture and photography.

The exhibition we saw was Lugar nuhum (placelessness) which shows the relationship between photography and painting in the contemporary setting though the works of Brazilian artists such as Ana Prata, Celina Yamauchi and Lima Kim.  They all come from different backgrounds and points of view but as their work is placed side by side,  a common perspective appears.   

The painters based their work on photographic images observed from all forms of media .

One notable link between all of the artists was that they paid no attention to the spectacular or unusual situations.

Their works shows empty, anonymous and forgotten spaces. In apparently banal scenes they create spaces of silence, rest and unfamiliarity.

As I was not able to take pictures in the gallery I show you some images from the lovely garden in the rain, the elegant ladies’ toiiet and a glimpse of the brochure 





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