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Saturday … before I go one more thing

March 16, 2013

Since my daughter has been living in Brazil and it is becoming her home. I have thought long and hard as to how I should best address this.  The findings after such thinking sessions could fill a book.  The mind rather than cooled and refreshed is fast and furious. So thinking is best left undone.
And doing is best; so as I depart on my journey to Brazil, I will share this thought and action with you.
I have tried to refine my thoughts ( in light of the aforementioned dilemma) when learning about my daughter’s new home and its culture.  One way is to look at its feminine and female aspects.  So when I look at things such as poetry I can narrow the scope.  I write a little, but like a lot of things I do it  rather badly, so I prefer to look to the experts.
One such expert is Cecilia Meireles; my daughter and I get much pleasure from reading her works. Me,  in translation and my daughter is usually the provider of the translation.
During this time you might have noticed I have taken up printmaking. It has become a joy and I am an expert in the minor field of printmaking with erasers.  My daughter who recently sent me this poem, has not yet learned this skill yet and uses these rather clumsy uppercase prints (as I do at times).
Although these are not aesthetically pleasing yet; it is something I plan to work on in the coming weeks when I return from Brazil and the above mentioned ‘thinking’ sessions become too hard to bare.
So watch this space or not, if you prefer the finer arts … and the experts!

12032013 (1)

Fisherman so entertained
On a rock in the sun
Waiting for the fish hurt
By his fish hook
There is a thread of the sky falling
On your heart
Far away you are being hurt
By another hand
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