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Saturday and counting … Is Rio ready for this?

March 9, 2013



Today I begin the to count the days before my trip to Brazil to visit my daughter and son-in-law.  It has been a long time coming and the highs and lows have been well documented .  However, these last few weeks have been pleasantly busy.  With the planning, buying  and discussing the logistics of taking ‘all but the kitchen sink’ in three manageable suitcases.
My long suffering husband has taken the brunt of my eternal cliches that complement each ‘one more item’ as it is squeezed into the case.
‘She is worth it! “We won’t be seeing her for ages’ ‘It was only cheap’ ‘It is only small’ … ‘It will cost a fortune in Brazil’ etc. I am becoming a master!
However as the dust settles and the plans come together the negative thoughts and gremlins invade; probably no different to those we all have when we anticipate with a long journey, so I will not include another list.
It is for me the return to the empty house and the anticipation of the next years wait.
Yet, it seems inappropriate to consider the next plan or even consider anything that could cushion the homeward trip.
Nonetheless there is a plan, whether appropriate or not. A tiny seed, rather than a bolster to ease my fall, a launch pad,  from which I am hoping to propel my way into the next stage. Meanwhile, back to the packing ‘Where is the the shoe horn?’

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