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Saturday …

February 23, 2013


As a ‘sufferer’ from various ‘conditions’  including the Empty Nest Syndrome; I have learned painful lessons of late.

First, the pain doesn’t go away. Second, trying to ignore the discomfort won’t work. Three, there are methods to ease the pain.
However, there are times when the tools one has carefully put in place to alleviate the pain sometimes can become tired and overused or even  forgotten.
On occasions I find myself wallowing in the pain; so doing the joys of the here and now are overlooked.
As you know I am preparing to visit my daughter in Brazil after a year from our previous visit.  Of course the year has flown by, as previously discussed it has been a good year. Mixed with some emotional turmoil, I would not changed a thing.  In fact the opposite I celebrate almost every waking moment, with the passion of glorious hindsight!” and another serious ‘condition’ of the ‘half full cup’!
However this week I did find myself in a pit of self pity; thinking about the What ifs? the ‘Whys?’ and ‘Wherefores?’  Counting the days before, and considering the misery after! Forgetting that i still had three weeks of joyous preparation.. Also, no less worthy my live goes on; me doing as I love at work and home … with my new found pleasure in printmaking, my blog and it pictures
I cannot hug my but blog but it hugs me.  Also my irises  those also previously discussed lounging on my window ledge, as a friend recently reminded me they too need care as they still struggle in this wintry light waiting for the spring sun.
While there are still 3 weeks to go before I go to Rio I will remember just that!


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