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Weekly Photo Challenge … Kiss

February 19, 2013


Before I rant about my lack of kisses in my life; I thought I had better make sure I knew the meaning of the word ‘kiss’.  

It means ‘a caress with the lips’ ‘caress’ means ‘a fondling action’
Which means I was not exposed to such a thing as a child.  Such behaviour was not seen or encouraged until we had guests to tea.  These were usually Aunts and Uncles making an annual visit around Christmas, birthdays or holiday time. Then we would have to perform this act like pros! Then with red faces, we politely if not a little clumsily made a hurried exit off stage!
Needless t say I did get the hang of it; but thereafter preferred more than a degree of privacy.
Until I met my boyfriend’s parents,  who were to become my in-laws and had delusions of grandeur and aspired to the French culture.  This rather unattractive  misdemeanor unfortunately for me extended beyond the cuisine and wine.
I am careful to say they also indulged in the European style of greeting, note that I did not say French kissing.  Apparently the tradition is ‘twice on alternate cheeks for friends’ and ‘four times for family’.  Once I got used to the former I was exposed to the later!  Even after the initiation I was often incline to lose count or attempt to start on the wrong cheek so I often knocked off spectacles or bump noses.
So suffice to say to say, that this kissing malarkey was not the tender touch of lips as described in the Shorter English Dictionary and the least said the better.  

The Kiss

The Kiss a statue in Puc University Rio de Janeiro


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  1. February 19, 2013 11:46 am

    love the statue.

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