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Last year I learned that …

February 18, 2013


It pays to be a little prepared; last year while in Brazil,  I had not yet begun posting to my blog daily. Which was just as well because the internet connection could not be relied upon.

However, it was soon after I returned home with a raft of new material; I felt confident enough to post more frequently. But in the UK I have all the facilities and applications that make it easy to post daily.

Although things on the ‘communication’ front in my daughter’s home in Babilonia with WiFi etc have improved, I am not sure with my ‘all singing and all dancing’  tablet and camera it will be as convenient as I hope.
Nonetheless I am going to attempt to post daily; trying to keep in the theme of books, library and life.I will not I am sure run out of images and motifs that will fit the bill. Without of course missing out on the holiday atmosphere.
Our dear hosts will have a well planned an itinerary with the lots suitable sites, dotted with eating and resting holes. All these can be well documented as I go with notebook and camera.  Also, with our new  found knowledge and a stash of guides such as the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet we too can make a valid contribution to the day trips.  

I am hoping also to go back to places that we enjoyed last year.

I enjoyed the book shops;  huge architectural ‘delights’  that remain from the previous ruling regime, cool and dimly lit.  Each with its individual ‘genre’ one I remember sold for a fraction of its original price,  back numbers of glossy magazines; piled neatly in rows all in alphabetical and date order. A sleepy cat stretched on a sunny ledge, yawned and wandered off when disturbed.  At the back of the shop in a cool and quiet corner was a coffee shop where customers could relax a while,  before venturing out into the hot and dusty street,

The Art Galleries were as expected grand and stately; comparable to those we have in London ; cool and peaceful but for me without inside knowledge were a little alien. I have now researched; a little and uncovered some artists and illustrators I would like to look at more closely. So I will feel a little more comfortable .
Of my generation there are artists such as Antonio Manuel, Artur Barrio, Cildo Meireles and Lygia Clark all influenced by the dictatorship and went on to became involved in the counter-cultural movement that continued after during 1960s-1970s in Brazil and particularly Rio de Janeiro.  


I have discovered one illustrator or rather my daughter pointed him out; Alves Pinto Ziraldo; again he was part of the cultural changes after the dictatorship when he launched the first Brazilian comic; The class of Perer and the Quibbler a newspaper for adults. Not only is he admired by all ages in Brazil his books have been translated in most modern languages and he know has international acclaim  He definitely should have a place in my gallery of Children’s illustrators that I have researched of late.
I have not been able to find books about any of these in English but the WWW has proved useful, although the translation is poor at times.  So I am looking forward to revisiting the art galleries and bookshops for which Rio is renowned with a tiny bit more information. However would like more information about the above mentioned artists and where I can find exhibitions of their work.

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