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Weekly Photography Challenge … Weather

January 22, 2013

Weather and I are partners; not always the best of buddies.  I was born one February night on the River Hamble on a houseboat; a child of the river.  From that day, the state of the weather has always been my concern or rather my father’s; a boat builder and recently demobbed merchant seaman from the war.  He would have listened to the shipping forecast, the night before and studied the tide tables, to ensure the boats in his care were secure and following day his tasks would be governed by the weather, the ‘state of the tide”and the strength and direction of the wind.
He had an expression that he used often, but not easily understood; ‘We are having weather today’ this meant; I believe that he wasn’t sure what was happening but he would wait and see.  Generally he gave weather the utmost respect and space and he managed the situation …and rarely grumbled even in the most extreme conditions.  

I no longer live on the river but cycle daily and the weather is still carefully considered as I step out of bed until I return at the end of the and my trusty steed is in the bike shed. However for the last few days I have not taken any chances and the bike has remained at home.  

2013-01-18 19.48.40

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