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Last week I learned that being a grandparent is a work in progress …

January 21, 2013

I have five  grandchildren a boy and a girl by my son and his wife in Hampshire and three boys by my eldest daughter and son-in-law in Essex.  I share a good and fulfilling relationship with all of them.  The Essex boys are a lively crowd who play the game admirably.  I am a Grandma with traditional values that they meet most of the time. They have learned to press all the right buttons and keep the peace during our visits.
I in turn am expected to know the current fashion in boys wear and be up to date with size, preferred colour and favoured football term.  How foolish I would be if I arrived with the strip for Arsenal in size 8 years when he has since signed his allegiance to Tottenham Hotspur!  Seriously, I would not buy football wear not just for the above reason; more the cost!! However, my dear boys have, while learning some good manners know that I will not be fulfilling this particular need.
Another requirement in the quid pro quo is that I respond suitably to the toilet jokes that  I have been hearing for the last 5 years as each one has reached this particular stage of his development.  Then, there is the laughter before and after the noisy and often smelly bodily functions.  With raised eyebrows and trying not to encourage them; knowing that any continuation might mean a parent, keen for the children to be performing in other more dignify areas might  over react.  Whilst I do not wish to undermine the parents, and their need for perfect behaviour during the grandparent’s visit; I do remember trying to fart or burp loudly and I did get over it!.
So in a bid to distract from this attention seeking type of mis – behaviour; I usually arrive with some tools and something I made earlier so we can spend the day making something. It might be food based so the boys and I enjoy preparing lunch or making a cake. As they have grown so the craft has developed and become almost sophisticated.  Before Christmas they successfully designed and made ‘hand printed’  greeting cards that anyone would be pleased to receive!

During the summer they enjoyed making herb gardens in containers on a sunny patio.

Encouraged by their enthusiasm and improving dexterity I thought I might teach them to sew.  Thinking they would perhaps not want to learn the way I had as child fifty odd years ago; turning cuffs and collars, side to middle sheets and darning socks.  I will have to resort to the compromises we had learned over the last few years and begin with something a bit funky … do you think I have gone a step too far.

2013-01-20 14.32.52

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  1. Suzanne Elvidge permalink
    January 22, 2013 7:08 am

    I think you should go for it – but is there not a purple one?

    • January 22, 2013 7:19 am

      Yes there is I believe ! I bought Amy one hers is Red! _/\_ x

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