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Weekly Photo Challenge … Resolved

January 8, 2013

coffee pot

I am going t fulfil a lifelong dream and be creative; an artist.  I attended Saturday morning art classes at Southampton Art College in the early 1960s and even got a an ‘O’ level for my efforts. Sadly with peer pressure, and a realistic view of my ability in the long term to make money,  my dream to be famous died in 1967.
And not risen as an option until now nearly 50 years later.  Since starting my blog I had aspirations as regards writing and creativity but that hasn’t materialised. I have great admiration for bloggers who can make a science fiction, a romantic novel or a historical epic happen in 6 Sentences, 100 Words or in Tweet!
I have generally muddled along doing what in effect is a Picture Book; grabbing a picture, a bit of information and Hey presto  … blandness not creativity!
Until recently inspired by some of the illustrators I have researched lately; I am going to play with printing. So far my results have been clumsy and not ready for public opinion; if ever. They obviously do not  match any of the great masters, but make me smile.  Is that enough for a new years resolution?


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