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I have learned that I would rather have a mobile phone than not

January 7, 2013


I realise that there is a real issue relating to young people and their access to technology and social media and I have no wish to argue with this .  Particularly as I have grandchildren and I see the problems their parents have ensuring the children understand some sort of balance in their relationship with education and communication.
Also, I will not blab on about the good old days and how wonderful it was not having a telephone, money in your hand and the good old pigeon post.
Letter writing was the only way of keeping in touch with distant friends and relations; I had pen-pals and wrote regularly  to worldwide friends.  However, it was a laborious and painstaking business my mother was stickler (and the Queen’s English) for good grammar and perfect handwriting  so letter writing was never a spontaneous and joyful occurrence.
My Dad was sailor; and a fine navigator, reliant on age old methods, wireless,  ship to shore radio and radar, he would I am sure have welcomed the new world technology if only for the protection of seamen and their cargo.
As a librarian, I would be a fool to suggest that it is only in the 21st century that communication is world wide. It has been since the 15 century and the invention of the press that scientists and explorers have been able to bring the world to our schools, libraries and universities.  Nonetheless it was only the rich, monks and the upwardly mobile who  had access to this vital information .
Today a relatively poor mother and daughter(s) can conduct a perfectly normal everyday life over thousands of miles with the use of a mobile phone with a camera.
‘Mum , how do I cook apple pie? “Will this colour blue suit me?” ‘Oh yes and I miss you”
‘Will you transfer some money over to my current account? ‘ etc etc.

The day I left home my mother said ‘ … and don’t come back come crying you cannot manage … you have made your bed now lie on it!’
So much for the good old days!

Having said that however I think the dilemma’s faced by young parents at the moment or at anytime  would test  a saint .  My opinions are lighthearted and not critical of any age particularly. 

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