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Weekly Photo Challenge 2012 -2013

January 1, 2013

When I thought about this prompt I was pretty much as usual overwhelmed.  Especially when I realised the technical implications; immediately I penned a message to my technical guru while he was many hours ahead with other things on his mind in India.
It seems my life from this moment is complex and not easily put into a series of pictures snatched from a years worth of posts on my blog.  It is a monstrous  tangle of ups and downs, in and outs, overs and unders and happy and sad.
Then I look again; penned another email to the said Guru while still he languished oblivious to my tangles and since untangles.
It really isn’t that complicated; I am tiny thread of life weaving around experiences doing what I can or need. Whether is in my home, garden, Brazil, with my grandchildren, partner or of course my children who remain kindly non plussed as I meander along twisting and untwisting.  I find myself in and out of information and experiences, grabbing and letting go on my way.
So this year has been a microsim and action movie that belies the anxiety that had begun to suffocate and rot my soul as I turned in my 62nd year, I honour 2012 and applaud 2013

Practice with new tripod

Practice with new tripod

Lake at Whiteknights University of Reading

Lake at Whiteknights University of Reading

Spring 2012 Buttons Green Tea Lavradio Rio Brazil Babilonia from Copacabana A street in Babilonia Bicycles in Oxford  More graffiti by the recycling bins  Tomorrow will do ... Table on the way to the bus stop Brazilian carved wooden fists In the Museum ... and some Babilonia William de Morgan tiles Balloons Most Welcome Graffiti Basildon Park, Pangbourne Tibetan Calligraphy Drumming workshop at Back2Black Jasmine tea A mofif from Book of Hours Me seeing you seeing me! Peppermint tea at the Kazbar Cowley Road Oxford Spain 2012 Karma Guen 2012 2012-08-28 18.02.17 Karma Guen 2012 End of Summer 2012 2012-12-28 00.30.25

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  1. January 1, 2013 4:12 pm

    I like the portrait you took of yourself in the side-mirror

    • January 1, 2013 4:35 pm

      I was a beautiful bike quite a distraction in the middle of Oxford lots of gowned students gazing at it.

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