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The Parcel.

January 1, 2013


Today I begin a Writing our way home ; mindful writing booster course.  It is suggested that we write a small stone each day for a month. I have been looking forward to doing this for a week or two it will be a real boost after the Christmas and New Year celebrations when there is a lull the proceedings. 

I did not expect this holiday to be the best yet, as it was our first Christmas without our youngest daughter since she had begun her new life in Brazil two years ago.
We have never been great ‘celebrators’ of Christmas and New year; in fact we usually go away and allow the hullabaloo to pass us by.
So in some respects it was business as usual; we made the dutiful family visits and planned a peaceful holiday with  a lunch/brunch with the Brazilian contingent via Skype on the 25th.
It seemed to go according to plan except for a dirty great cloud that has not yet on New Years Day passed.
Early in December I parceled up my daughter’s gifts and posted them in time to arrive ready for Christmas; I do enjoy this part of the occasion.  Unfortunately this didn’t happen; as the delivery time has long been exceeded I have become more and more disheartened.  The mood has not lifted, each time I check the tracking and see it ‘Held’ in Sao Paulo so the anguish increases.  During this time my daughter has remained patient; the present giving in Brazil is not such a ‘big thing’
Meanwhile, I weep and wonder why a grown woman who has had more disappointments in her sixty two years than she could ‘throw a stick at’ should allow such a thing to dampen the festivities albeit ‘low key’
I am hoping this method of mindful writing will address this stony heart.

a small stone
In a box each gift thoughtfully chosen; almost pocket sized. Delicately wrapped tissue of a pastel shade with a twist of satin ribbon.  Name and kindly greeting. Expecting the parcel to be  scrutinised at border control a silent prayer of protection and safe arrival.  If not soon certainly by the 25th was the mother’s  only wish.


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