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Weekly Photo Challenge … Dream

July 20, 2012

My dream is to have my camera in my hand;  when  I dream. Then, to be a photographer so I can recreate the image. So there is a dilemma if I want to partake in this week’s photo challenge. Also I am blessed; I wish for little.  Of course,  have desires I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.  For instance I would love  a macaroon but the delicatessen is shut! I would love a bottle of french perfume but the bank balance doesn’t allow it !!

So back to the problem of a dream.
Of course I realise this is a photographic exercise and a dreamy picture is quite different from a snapshot of my dream … albeit a cream cake or a silk scarf …
With this in mind I rode my bike to work this morning as usual; the light was poor and the clouds threatened rain. Another reason for me to pout!! Until I noticed the meadows that surround the university where I work
Now,  this is what dreams are made of  … One mile away across the meadow is the M4; the main road into London. By 8am there are three  lanes of traffic going at a snails pace into town and at six in the evening the situation is reversed.
So here is my dream and yours?


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