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Out of the doldrums …

April 7, 2023

After weeks, going on months of blog procrastination, I feel that with a new will I might be able to commit to a regular posting. I have been busy during the last few months but not in a position to consider that it was ‘real’ work. It was fun but not purposeful and some would say that fun was good enough.  I do enjoy my work and it does make me smile but having fun isn’t my main objective.  To be honest for me it is enough to ‘get through the day’ without meeting up with the doldrums, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. So, thank goodness for fun!

Nonetheless, a few weeks back with the help of a friend and a mighty big prod I was able to make a film to be shown in Dusseldorf at a film festival last weekend where it was well received.

This was the impetus I needed and feel able to pull together the threads of an idea to make another film to show later this year. 

I have been writing the initial premise of the story which is set in an imagined village in Berkshire just before the industrial revolution. Now I am developing the characters and the scenes with story boards.  Making the film is still a long way off, but the journey ahead appears hopeful.

As I immerge as a film maker, I am a textile artist so I will be drawing on my skills and knowledge of fabric and costume design to produce something that is somewhat authentic albeit for wire and felt sculpted dolls … I will begin with a shepherd and believe me they will not be Little Bo Peep

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