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All the time in the world …

November 7, 2022

Although the weather is mild for the time of year (here in UK) there is a real feeling of Autumn. I love the change of seasons particularly this one when the air and light, have a magic that we simple must enjoy because it only lasts a few hours before the darkness of night comes and is seemingly far too long.   

During the daylight hours I continue to work wrapped up against the chill; since heating costs have gone sky high, I am having conserve energy as much as possible.  Fortunately, the garden can take care of itself for now but remains a constant delight to watch from my kitchen window.  So, while my teapot has a cosy and the dolls have hibernated. I am undertaking reflective and gentle tasks.

 I walk daily just as the sun comes up and it is a time when I can feel and see the weather and change of season more fully. After breakfast with some short-lived vigour, I practice playing the piano and ukulele with mixed results but while no one can hear I allow myself to imagine I am in a concert hall with a modicum of applause. 

The afternoon I spend writing and drawing and have the makings of an illustrated poetry book. 

Soon it will be gin o’clock when I sip a little or a lot and knit socks…

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