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July 27, 2022

Everyday at dawn I take a circular walk from my home in Reading to Sonning lock, beside the Thames and the Kennet and Avon canal. It takes 2 hours and involves about 5k of the Thames Path that goes from London to Gloucester. Early in my retirement I did walk from London to Pangbourne in easy stages but haven’t ventured further as the route and the public transport links are not compatible.

Since the beginning of covid I have confined myself to repeat this stretch day after day. 

It has become a beautiful routine through all weathers and physical and mental conditions.  I watch animals, birds, see the trees and plants change with the seasons and see the sun rise. Much of the walk is along busy roads so BBC 6 Music has been a trusty companion especially on the dark mornings.    I recently suffered a groin injury, and while I did take time out to ‘rest’ I was soon back out with sticks, but they now have been discarded as it healed.

The Thames path is well maintained and near the Silicon Valley aka Thames Valley Park it is has a corporate air with trimmed meadows and seating areas. All the factories and heavy industry have been cosmetically removed so there is a cosy sense of rural and royal Berkshire.

That is until I turn left or southwest when I walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal when the vista changes completely where previous and present industry is not so easy removed.  While the last gasometer was removed recently there is still much evidence of gas storage with huge pipes and buildings remaining, there are railway bridges that shudder and shake seemingly all day long as trains hurtle between Reading, London, north, south, and west. 

It seems like a different world yet to me strangely much more beautiful and comforting as it is here I turn east and towards home again.

This bridge and its artwork have inspired me to make a back drop for my own art. 

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