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Saving water …

June 21, 2022

As a child and even as I grew up and become a wife and mum … waiting and being patient was normal.  Everything took time, before you could consider making a pot of tea and put the kettle on, one had to ensure there was water and fetch it if require. Food was cooked from scratch; we didn’t have a fridge and the store cupboard was mostly bare.  If I wanted to make an item of clothing even if it was using something from the rag bag it needed fabric, thread, thought and preparation. The shops for materials were long bus ride away. I could go on for pages pointing out the difficulties of life before things become instant and of course it did.  It sounds like I am grumbling, and I am a little, but we didn’t complain it was normal, we had to wait and see, nothing was straightforward or guaranteed.

So, we shared resources, we borrowed, we saved for a rainy day and looked for a silver lining. This upbringing stood me in good stead.  Being resourceful and asking for help has been a lifeline, especially as a young parent but even now as a self-taught artist I have had to rely on others and the community for help and guidance.  My dolls represent this hard graft, and my struggles with 21st century technology and my harking back to days when we were less well of when ‘waiting and seeing’ was half the fun. 

Having said that as I try my hand and piano playing, first learned a life time away, my patience is going to another level.

Running fresh water

Is valued beyond diamonds

Let’s not forget

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