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May 16, 2022

During some complex and painful weeks, I have found solace working with the dolls in the dolls house.  I have maintained a stringent regular weekly routine making films at a nearby studio and continued to make and dress the dolls. Meanwhile, stitching the backdrops as they were required.  It has been, as it sounds a bit of a roller coaster and not always joyful.  So, I have been taking stock.  For a while I was unable to take my daily walk alongside the Thames, subsequently my mood and wellbeing began to droop drastically, and I had to consider my working practice.

During this time my daughter came home from Brazil for a visit; while that came with much needed respite and lots of fun, she got Covid and was unwell for a week and outings and visits were curtailed for some time after.  She has since returned to Brazil and while I have been immobile, normality has given me space to think about the future here in the Dolls House, As I said they have not been neglected at all, in fact they are abundant and well dressed and I sense that they need to have an outing and be ‘shown’.

I do have exhibition in planned early in 2023 in Bermondsey Project Space in London.  So, I foresee doing something locally after that, in collaboration with my daughter who is a poet, printmaker and textile artist in Brazil with a view that the exhibition can be taken to Rio perhaps the following year. 

All this seems such a long way off but there is much to do and plan for, I am excited about beginning a new journey with the dolls and trying not to get anxious about the unknown and the vital fund raising. 

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