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On Thursdays … there is light and community

March 11, 2022

Thursday is going to be my day at The Jelly Reading. I have been allowed a little bit of storage space for my workmate stage, sandbags, tripod, and other accessories so that each week I can take a no. 17 bus to Broad Street Mall AKA the Butts Centre with my dolls, backdrop, and camera to make films.  This is a perfect solution for me. I have adequate studio space at home albeit a little cluttered to create and dress the dolls, stitch the backdrops, and undertake all my printing needs.  Sadly, it is not spacious and lacks a reliable light source, my house is a Victorian terrace among hundreds of others where the sun barely gets a look in, also I work alone.  So, while both issues are surmountable from day to day, there come a time when I crave a constant light supply and company.

To find a supportive and welcoming art space has been appreciated and I am looking forward to the next few months when I can learn new skills and improve some others and forming some creative relationships.

This week I took these three coat hanger dolls and a random backdrop to make some moves.  Thinking carefully about the use of my camera focusing, in more ways than one, on ratio, aspect, ISO, shutter speed etc. Then making films that comply to the sharing on Instagram. It seems the different platforms use different techniques that baffle me a lot! So, until I perfect this method, I cannot seriously consider YouTube or ‘real’ films until then I will enjoy making playful loops. 

That can be seen on my Instagram @nelabligh

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